Friday, June 19, 2009

'Metabolic Studio Brings Food, Fuel and Film Dreams to the Owens Valley,' Headlines Lone Pine Newspaper

In the June/July 2009 issue of Territorial Review, the Lone Pine, California newspaper of record, writer Chris Langley has a full-page story with photo about the ongoing and in-process collaboration between Owens Valley residents and the mostly Los Angeles-based Metabolic Studio team members.

The article begins with a quote from a book critic and Langley's words, "Certainly the promise of major change is in the air."

The piece continues:

"It is the visionary artist's calling to point the way. Locally, Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio are doing just that. While they continue their work on the filming of "Silver and Water," their opus on the history of Inyo and Los Angeles, they have taken up Film, Fuel and food. This is a new kind of artistic process, one with an environmental and social conscience."

This blog hasn't been able to locate the full article online.